8MM,16MM and 35MM Film Scanning & Restoration

1 : 4K Scanning of all film materials Reel by reel, Title by Title.

2 : Stabilization of Image.

3 : Colour Grading.

4 : Down Scaling & Format conversion for Assess, Preview & Audit.

5 : Extraction of Sound.

6 : Basic Sound Sync with Picture (Assessment Report- Pre Mastering).

7 : Analysis Report from the perspective of Restoration to be submitted.

8 : Storage of Final Digitized Film Masters in Hard Disk for next Stage The Restoration.

Benefits of Preservation & Digitization Projects

By pooling resources to preserve major studio-owned titles, we can produce highquality preservation materials, adding to a film's long-term presence in Social & Cultural Importance. Thereby achieving the role of archiving, safeguarding NATIONS Film and Cultural Heritage.

ONCE the FILM is Healthy, We do Ultra Cleaning for dust or dirt removal.

After Ultrasonic Cleaning we inspect for Image Quality for further study.

After Ultrasonic Cleaning and Image Inspection we do Scanning at 2K or 4K Resolution.

Most Common 16MM and 35MM Film Scanning Resolution is Full HD,2K or 4K

Film Restoration - Full HD,2K,4K or any other resoltion

1 : Dirt or Dust

2 : Scratches, tears / burned frames

3 : Color fade, color change

4 : Missing scenes

4 : Shrinkage

16MM and 35MM Film Restoration
16MM and 35MM Film Restoration

Film Restoration Video

Modern, digital film restoration takes the following steps

1 - Expertly clean the film of dirt and dust Digitally without affecting the Imagery.

2 - Film tears & tape or splicing cement removed by PAINT.

3 - Restore the film frame by frame by comparing each frame to adjacent frames.

4 - Other Semi-Auto viz. computer algorithms with human checking of the result.

A- Fix frame alignment ('jitter' and 'weave'), or the misalignment of adjacent film frames due to movement of film within the sprockets. This corrects the issue where the holes on each side of a frame are distorted over time. This causes frames to slightly be off center.

B - Fix color and lighting changes. This corrects flickering and slight color changes from one frame to another due to aging of the film.

C - Restore areas missing or blocked by BIG dirt by using parts of images in other frames.